Can you heal your pain?

Scars don’t just heal on their own. They also don’t appear for no reason. After it was confirmed that I was not going to die the second time right after being born, the doctors found an unusual mark on the right side of my back. It was a big tumor in shape of a wing. Their response was to surgically remove it. The surgery left a big scar on my back. As I was growing, the scar kept growing with me. It affected my posture and even my breathing pattern. Just recently I asked a healer to help me release all the pain that was stored in the scar from the time of the surgery. Some things are just too difficult to handle on your own. You need professional help from someone who is very well educated in the non-chemical medicine. The process of removing the negative energy being held by the scar was magical. I felt like flying. Since I was born with only one wing, I tell everyone that I am half human and half angel. Now that I know how to grow spiritual wings, past scars can’t stop me from flying. I can help you heal too. Simply email me at