Healing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

A tree with roots and leaves in the shape of an orange circle.

Learn how to heal yourself



Keeping your body healthy is very simple. All you have to do is to create new habits. Start adding more fresh vibrant fruits, vegetables and seeds to your diet. Drink more spring water with a drop of Lemon. Spend more time in parks and forests. Do some type of exercise every day (walking, yoga, gardening, dancing). Get a massage. Use plant-based synthetic-free Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream for aches and pain.


Use the following activities to shift from negative thinking to positive thinking:

Find a pleasant view of nature in the distance. Look at the clouds. Walk barefoot. Do something spontaneously. Write a poem. Draw a picture. Listen to your favorite music. Dance. Sing. Play a musical instrument, clap your hands, stomp your feet. Wear colorful clothing and pretend to be someone else. Daydream. Pet an animal. Do some activities on the Magic page of this website.


Find someone to forgive. Forgive yourself. Make a list of all people/things/places you love. Start a gratitude journal. Write down everything you are grateful for. Do a random act of kindness. Surprise someone. Pay it forward.


Diffuse Frankincense oil. Put a drop on your forehead. Ask yourself, What is the purpose of my life? What are the things that make me happy? Who am I? What does Higher Consciousness look like? What did I come here to do? What is the meaning of life? Where does love come from?