How can I make your life better?

If you look at any baby, you will notice that he or she already prefers a certain way to play, to eat, to go to sleep. We are born with a specific attitude about areas of life that make us happy and with talents we want to share with the world. The problem is many parents have plans for us that don’t include our desires. They try to mold us into their vision, breaking little pieces of our soul.Think about the way you thought about the world when you were three: did you think the world was a safe and wonderful playground? Or was it scary and unpredictable? Do you not remember yourself when you were three? It doesn’t matter: your astrological chart shows me the exact way you think about the world on an unconscious level. This is the placement of your moon (completely different from your sign – the placement of your sun).What can I tell by looking at your moon? I can see if you think in your heart that the world is a bad place, why you can’t sleep or eat certain foods, what you really think about your mother, and if you are a woman, of yourself as a mother. I then can tell you simple steps to take to shift your habits, so that the world around you becomes wonderful, the sleep becomes deep and restful and you become to understand why your mom was treating you a certain way.This is the knowledge that I was privileged to learn just recently and now I can’t wait to share it with you to make your life better. Simply email me at