Magic Rituals (FAQ)

I would like to be in a romantic relationship.

Purchase or make a beautiful small fabric bag the size of your palm. Find something that represents love for you. It can be a stone in the shape of a heart, a piece of jewelry, or even a piece of paper with LOVE written on it. Take a red pencil and write on a small piece of paper “I am attracting an ideal partner.†Put all objects in the bag and tie it with a red string. Place it in the South-West corner of your bedroom. Make sure it is clean at all times.


I would like to become resistant to colds.

Pour very cold water in a bucket or a bathtub enough to cover your feet. Add a few drops of Thieves (Link). Step into the bucket or bathtub. Walk in place counting 21 times. Step out and dry your feet. Mix some coconut oil with several drops of ImmuPower (Link) and rub on the soles of your feet. Put on the most vibrant colorful socks you have. Smile. As you drain the water from your bucket/bath tub, thank it for its life-giving gifts.


I would like to attract prosperity.

Prepare your tools of trade. This can be a keyboard, a phone, a cash register, garden tools or anything else you use to make money. Put several drops of Abundance (Link) on your hands and hold the object you use in your work. Diffuse Abundance in your office, your home or your car. Close your eyes, imagine a perfect day at work. You are doing your work well, it benefits the whole society, you are grateful for having such an amazing job, you are smiling. Your customers are thanking you and giving you money for a job well done. Repeat until you reach your prosperity goal.


I would like to see other worlds outside of planet Earth.

Read my book. If you are taking any type of medication or/and diagnosed with any type of psychiatric disorder, heal yourself first. Transition to vegan raw organic diet. Practice meditation, yoga and visualization. Practice exercises from my book to learn how to transition from a place of darkness in your mind to a place of light fast. Travel to a place where taking magic mushrooms is legal. Start with a small dose of dried mushrooms (5 grams). Slowly increase to 30 grams. Find a trusted friend or a shaman experienced in supervising the journey. You will not be able to sleep or walk for the next 8 hours. Plan accordingly. Eat only raw foods during the previous day. Do not eat anything for 8 hours prior to your journey. Be well hydrated.  Mix 30 grams of dried and powdered magic mushrooms with some water with a bit of lemon squeezed into it. You have 45 minutes until the journey begins. Do anything and everything that puts you in a good mood. Dance, listen to your favorite music, think about your favorite things. Lay down comfortably, close your eyes. Put a mask on your eyes if you are not in total darkness. Your body will start feeling similar to having a flu. Put a few drops of AromaEase on your stomach for nausea. Put a few drops of DreamCatcher on your third eye for clarity of vision. Diffuse Sage for protection. Either stay in a very warm location or have lots of layers of warm clothing and blankets. Your body will stop regulating heat and you will feel very cold. Have a very clear intention of where you plan to go. Magic mushrooms are a technology like a spaceship. You can be a passenger or you can be a pilot. If you don’t have any plan of travel or if it is your first time, you will likely travel to a place chosen by the mushroom intelligence. You will go where they want to go. Once you get more experience, you will be able to navigate to a planet of your choice and communicate with beings with higher consciousness. Do not be surprised if these beings appear in a shape of an insect. Do not be frightened if you get attacked by scary beings. Remember that you are in charge at all time and you can will them away or travel to a different location. Here is where your preparation of focused visualization becomes very useful. You will likely feel overwhelming love towards the entire Universe and all of its beings. Remember that feeling. Keep in mind that eating anything (especially raw chocolate and fruit) or even drinking water will make your trip more intense. After your 8-hour journey, spend the next 8 hours sleeping/recovering. Only then you can get back to your normal life (which will never feel “normal†after the journey).


I would like to feel protected.

Put a drop of White Angelica on the soles of your feet, behind your knees, at the base of your spine, on your stomach, on your chest, on your throat, on your forehead and on top of your head. Imagine a bright beautiful golden light surrounding you like a bubble. Say, “I am protected at all times, from the top of my head to my feet, when I am awake and when I am asleep.â€